Fly Fishing Tasmania tours to our best trout waters


Steves brown trout - dry fly fishing.


Bob McKinley of Fish Wild Tasmania a Hobart based professional trout guide offers one day tours to all Tasmanian trout waters.  NOTE - I also meet anglers in the Highlands if you are booked to stay up there.
An early start from your Hobart accommodation, the airport or we can meet up in the Highlands.
Travel to the Tasmanian highlands is around 1.5 hours through rich heritage countryside and provincial towns.
Our fly fishing tours are all inclusive and provide everything you will need from fly fishing tuition if you need it to customised boat, all fly and lure gear, morning tea, lunch, waders and wet weather clothing.


We recommend you consider doing 2 or 3 days to maximize the experience and cover a variety of waters as well as allowing for a poor weather day. Extending your tour is the best way to experience trout fishing Tasmania as we have a vast range of waters and options. When we stay overnight in the Highlands we might try for an early morning fish then back for a late breakfast if the weather is good for that, then out again for the rest of the day. This extends the experience to other styles and offers anglers the chance to try more of our unique fly fishing techniques. Fly fishing tuition is also available on all tours.


Accommodation is an extra if you decide to stay overnight in the Highlands and I recommend the following:
Central Highland Lodge at Miena on the shores of Great Lake.  
This is the best mid range accommodation available in the Highlands and the rates are very reasonable.
They have a great lounge, bar and bistro at the lodge for all guests.
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Tour rates are seasonal and tailored to your requirements. These will vary according to number of anglers and the style of tour you want. Click Here  to request rates and all details. Please let us know your preferred dates and number of anglers so I can send full details and seasonal specials when they are available.

I enjoyed it immensely

Hi Bob
Thanks for the two days of fishing. I enjoyed it immensely and apart from continuously distracting me from fishing with coffee biscuits and delicious spicy salami your attention and service was top class. The seven (and a half team) big trout per day were also really good.

Alex Hawthorn


To make any tour booking enquiries let me know your preferred dates, how many anglers and where you will be staying and I will send you all the information and rates for your tour.
NOTE We restrict numbers to 2 anglers per guide. Additional guides are available on request (Subject to availability)
When we confirm tour bookings I will require a deposit, your accommodation details, your shoe size for waders and any food restrictions re lunch etc.

A day tour with Fish Wild Tasmania
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Our business "Fish Wild Tasmania" established in 1999.
Bob McKinley - Professional guide since 2000 and has been fly fishing for 40 years.
Full member and Secretary of the "Trout guides & Lodges Tasmania" association.
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We provide excellence in guided tours.